Frequently Asked Questions

Login/Password issues

What is my username and password ?
For website Login and Terminal login use the password you entered during registeration process along with username.

I'm typing correct password, this doesn't appear on the screen?
Typed password characters won't appear, just like Linux terminal.It won't display typed characters or '*'s . After typing the password press enter to complete the login process.

Unable to login to terminal
Please remember Linux is case-sensitive plus both website and terminal password are same.

Unfortunately i cannot login to the terminal, it says "login incorrect".
Please remember Linux is case-sensitive, If you still face problem , write to us We will resolve the issue.

I forgot my password how can i recover it?
Please use forgot password (Remember Linux is Case-sensitive)

Available applications/editors

I logged into webminal which text editor can i use?
You can use text editors like vim or nano or even emacs based on your preference. We use vim :)

"Permission denied" when executing simple script (after changing the permission to +x)
Due to security reasons, we don't allow script to be executed as "./" . You need to execute them as "sh" or "bash".

What is the difference between 'Terminal' and 'Play' menu?
Both are same platform, only difference is with 'Play' you will watch and learn instead of reading the document.


When I login, I get "Your account has not been verified. Do you want to resend the email?"
This is because you didn't confirm your email-id. Please click on activiation link to ensure you permanently claim this account.

What will happen if I didn't confirm my email-id?
We will wait for a week and send you a remainder email. After that you account will be suspended and all data will be removed. This is needed to avoid spammers consuming our resources.

For some reason, I'm unable to confirm my email-id, how to protect my account?
Drop us a mail, we will share you other verifications methods.

Account deletion

Drop us a mail with your username. We will ensure its deleted. (efgadmin AT webminal DOT org)