Meet the Team

Hello, I'm Lakshmipathi kind of a boring person. OpenSource programmer, fell in love with GNU/Linux in 2003 and spark is still there :-) From ideation to implementation, we're behind creating this platform. Other than webminal project I work on:
 - Unique Linux ext3FS/ext4FS/ BtrFS projects. 
 - Creating automation tools like  distroQA 
 - Or rooted  Android apps 
 - More info can be found at giis or GitHub  
In 2010,I shared the webminal idea with my friend Freston, he is a
- Linux System Engineer. 
- Long time Slackware lover.
- He likes privacy.
Without Freston, the project would have remained in idea stage itself. Btw, Freston is not his real name, I'll share more on him, once he approves them :-)

Fun fact

 I'm from India and Freston from Netherlands. We met on, 
until 2015 we never seen each other face to face even via skype. Our communication
typically take place over 'ssh'ing into our server and 'write' in a 'screen' session.

I would like to thank our past contributors Elija and Blender3d.

Contact Us

Please read our FAQ first. If they didn't help simply drop a note on
  Webminal Support Forum  (recommended way) 
or mail us at
 efgadmin AT webminal DOT org 
We aim to reply to emails within 24 hours but it may take a bit longer. Your email address must be valid as this is where reply will be sent. We do not share this address with anybody.