- 25-10-2023: Worst day in  my life :-( 

   - 02-06-2021: Though there is some data loss, servers restored and site up again! :-)

   - 10-03-2021: Server exploded due to fire incident, details here

   - 16-06-2019: Finally https support added! 

   - 05-05-2019: New chat box added.

   - 01-06-2018: Now has more than 100K users! Extremely delighted and 
                 satisfied that we contributed a bit for GNU/Linux world.

   - 07-01-2018: Slight UX design change using fontawesome.
   - 20-11-2017: Check our new Webminal  Forums  
   - 15-06-2017: Some interesting command line stats  here  
   - 23-03-2017: Busy day today, thanks to  Genbeta  Community members!
                 We are still trying to catch up with demand.It may take upto 12-24hrs
                 to process all the requests!

   - 06-02-2017: Re-introduced Webminal anywhere. Learn using Webminal from other 
                 Online Resources! 

   - 15-01-2017: We have been quite for sometime and missed to wish you. Better late 
                 than never "hey, Happy New year!".

   - 10-01-2016: Thanks Ian Murdock, your  work  helped humanity.

   - 24-11-2015: Distro page container time limit increased to 4hours!Enjoy!

   - 24-10-2015: Learn and Share your screen sessions!

   - 13-10-2015: You -flexi users- can learn and practise OpenStack,Docker,Puppet easily.
   - 29-04-2015: Thanks Mihai Șucan,Firefox developer Mihai's  inspiring story 

   - 27-03-2015: Due to massive power outage in Netherlands,we were down for few hours.

   - 03-03-2015: We are happy to our launch flexi plan

   - 24-12-2014: "Sshhh..." we are working on something! More fun coming soon!

   - 19-10-2014: Changed the help page. Allows user to navigate via dropdown menu, 
     rather than auto-loading based on commands! It should be little faster now.

   - 02-10-2014: We launched Distro feature. Choose your favoritedistro and practise  
     root user commands!

   - 21-09-2014: We han an unexpected downtime for past 4 days, now is up 
     and running!

   - 07-04-2014: We are experimenting with root envinroment access!

   - 27-10-2013: We have resolved a bug which kept webminal down for past 7 days.
     Thanks for all your patience and help!

   - 01-08-2013: Some interesting command line stats  here  and  here 

   - 16-06-2013: As promised in 2011 (yeah it took us time), but its ready now,
     you are allowed to share files with other members via /common_pool (:

   - 29-05-2013: You can raise a request for free Group accounts (upto 10 members).
     You can also chat with fellow community members via irc webchat!

   - 13-04-2013: Learn or Practice MySQL Online is available to all users! Enjoy :)

   - 07-04-2013: Webminal v0.3 released, we will invite you soon!

   - 24-03-2013: We have been working on a top secret  project
     for past few months! Watchout for Webminal version-0.3 release :)

   - 12-03-2013: Some bugfixes implemented.

   - 20-05-2012: No news for a while now, but that doesn't mean nothing happened :)
     Regular viewers will notice we've completely changed the layout of the site.
     But not only that, it's also based on a different technology. Actually, there's
     not a lot that is the same as before.

   - 24-01-2012: We acquired world fame here!

   - 31-12-2011: Happy New Year everyone!

   - 23-11-2011: Due to maintenance we expect intermittent downtime the next couple 
     of days. *complete*

   - 31-10-2011: Due to an error, the contact form did not function properly since 
     last weekend so we have been unable to reply to feedback and questions. The 
     error is resolved now, so, ehm, those that asked questions are kindly requested 
     to ask them again :)

   - 03-20-2011. webminal version-0.1 goes live.We welcome your suggestions,feedback,

The Legal Stuff / ToS

- This feature must be used for learning,sharing GNU/Linux knowledge with fellow community members. Any illegal activities which includes, but is not limited to spamming, portflooding, portscanning, irc bots, encryption cracking, unauthorised connections to remote hosts or any sort of scams are not allowed here.

- If you use webminal for any illegal activities we reserve the right to prosecute you in a jurisdiction of our choice.

- In order to use webminal, you have to respect people here and help them. Happy Learning :)

- We may have to suspend the Service at any time without being able to give you prior notice of this. We will do all that we can to restart the Service as soon as possible in such circumstances.

- While we will endeavour to minimise the inconvenience caused to you, we cannot be responsible for any financial loss that you may suffer as a result.

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